Maintenance, Operation & Optimisation of existing plant operations on a contract basis.

B&E International has gained extensive experience over the years in operating and maintaining processing plants on behalf of its mining clients. The primary objective of this service offering is to enable the client to achieve its monthly production targets at the lowest sustainable cost per ton. In order to achieve this objective, an integrated service offering that encompasses the following elements is provided:

Process Plant operation and maintenance using KEY BENCHMARKING METRICS to evaluate our performance.
STRATEGIC Procurement practices to ensure maximised utility benefits to the client.
Emphasis on continuous improvement initiaves to maximise production throughput.
Skills development and knowledge transfer of on-site staff.

Engineering support services that are not limited to but typcally comprise the following:

  • - Conceptual Engineering Design and Project execution services related to existing on site operations.
  • - Fabrication (On-Off Site Erection)
  • - Structural Design
  • - Civil Engineering Design, Consulting & Construction Services
  • - Central Engineering Support at short notice to assist with any production/engineering related outages experience on a mine site.